#047: Yoga for PMDD with Melissa Sue Vair

Our menstrual cycle reveals so much about our health. 

Yet, we have been taught to think that our period is a curse and raging PMS is normal.

It’s not. 

And now, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, also known as PMDD, is on the rise and sadly, Western medicine’s only solution seems to be birth control and antidepressants.  

There is hope as supporting your body, mind and spirit can help you find relief. I know this personally as I used to have PMS symptoms during both my ovulation phase and right before my period and have also received the PMDD diagnosis as well. But now I have found more balance.

Tune in to today’s episode with Melissa Sue Vair to learn more about her story of struggling with a PMDD diagnosis and how she uses yoga to feel better. 

For Vair, the practice of yoga is a proactive approach to unhappiness and suffering. She firmly believes that the therapeutic application of yoga can help empower individuals to learn self-love and self-acceptance. Yoga is like a user’s manual for the human experience that can deeply enrichen our relationship to ourselves. Melissa has experienced the healing benefits therapeutic yoga provides, and she wants to help you read your user’s manual to understand how yoga will help you with PMDD, anxiety, OCD, depression, and grief.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Melissa’s story of her struggle with PMDD
  • How yoga can help you cope with symptoms

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