#042: Self-Awareness & the Intricate Layers of Being a Woman

Women are powerful beings. 

Yet we walk through life from an early age disconnected from our intuition, our power, and our hearts.

And on many levels, we’ve lost our interconnected community of women and the village that supports us and passes down the knowledge to help us connect to our bodies as we grow. 

Tune in to today’s episode with Amy Wheeler, sports psychologist and yoga therapist, as she shares more about the importance of knowing yourself and lifestyle medicine.  

Listen until the end as we’ll also dive into losing it when hormones shift, the pelvic floor connection to peri-menopause and incontinence, the rites of passage as a woman, and the strength of the bond between mother and child. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of young women embracing their power and knowing who they are
  • Why self-awareness is the key to knowing what you need and how to cope
  • Yoga therapy has the tools to help you become self-aware and self-regulate
  • Why lifestyle medicine is the first step in learning to nourish yourself and destress
  • How to make yourself a priority and organize your day and self-care needs
  • Rites of passage for women and bridging the gap between generations

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