#039: Shamanic Energy Healing & Weight Loss with Jennifer Lewis

Our body is the most visible part of our being and through it, we experience the physical realm as things are more tangible. On the other hand, we are much more than our physical bodies. Though unseen, our spirit and soul is just as real as our body. Through it, we experience things in the psychological and energetic realms. 

Most ancient cultures point to a connection between body, mind, and spirit and now modern science is beginning to recognize the power of this intricate relationship. We are more aware how our physical body is affected by our past trauma and hidden emotions, manifesting in chronic pain and undiagnosable illness. We’re also now more aware how our thoughts influence our emotions, and how our energetic field and energetic exchanges affect our daily lives.

As women, we often fight feelings of not enough-ness, from motherhood, career, weight, finances  to relationships. These are areas tied to the imprints within our Spirit, and according to the ancients who practiced Shamanism, our Luminous Light Body is weighed down.

In this episode, my guest, Jennifer Lewis, an Energy Healer and Shamanic Medicine Practitioner explains how through Shamanic Energy Healing we can clear imprints of our past that include fear, abuse, anger, not enough-ness, and much more “hucha” {or a resistance to the flow of life}.

Jen shares her journey that began by her desire to feel better. After losing over 70 pounds she realized that it is not what you see on the scale that matters, but the freedom you feel in your mind, body and spirit. 

Jen has since helped many women move through emotional blockages and heal trauma in the energy body through Shamaic Energy Healing practices that provide connectivity to your most divine self.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Jen’s journey of awakening and how weight can be a form of protection
  • How you can awaken your divine self to embody who you are and uncover the hidden gifts within you
  • How to uncover what truly prevents you from releasing weight for good
  • How to live with intention and build a life that is truly yours with joy, vitality and purpose

Wild blessings,
Xo, -Alyssa

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