#Ep38: Tuning into the Body & Energy with Dr. Lissette Alvarez-Holland

A lot of us suffer from energy drains and illnesses because we do not tune in to our energetic fields — not realizing that this is a crucial factor in protecting our health. 

While Western Medicine primarily focuses on physiology, it is not hell-bent in addressing the influence of energy on our physical body. 

The human being has many aspects that transcend  our physical. And these aspects generate and absorb tons of vibration on a daily basis that have an incredible impact on ourselves and others. 

So, if you’ve listened to any of my podcasts…you know I am adamant about sharing the importance of connecting to the body in order to know yourself. 


One huge reason is that the body can hold unprocessed trauma in many different ways. But it’s also important to honor the power of energy and the energetic layer of the body. And since there is growing evidence showing that physical pain and ailments are manifestations of these more invisible energetic and emotional states, it’s time to pay attention.

My guest today, Dr. Lissette Alvarez-Holland, shares her journey of over 25 years that stemmed from clinical practice as a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in integrative women’s health to reintroducing life coaching and intuitive health into aspects of pain, movement therapies and preventative care for all ages and serves as a mentor now for other women in the healing arts wanting to build business brands that do the same. 

Today she shares with us the intertwining of mind and body, including the endocrine system, and why every woman also needs to be in touch with her energy field. 

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In this episode you will learn:

  1. Dr. Lisa’s story on how she owned her health
  2. Why she supports rising women in mind, body and soul healing
  3. Why it’s so important to tune into your own health on the level of mind, body and spirit to become an amazing human for the world
  4. How energy is all around us and affects us every day

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