#036: Make Peace with Your Body with Amber Karnes

Feeling confident in your own skin can be one of the toughest things to do, especially in a world where unrealistic standards of beauty have long been perpetuated. This lack of self-worth has, in turn, alienated many of us from unlocking or fulfilling our true life’s purpose. 

My guest today in Episode 36, is Amber Karnes, a self-love enthusiast, yoga teacher, and an activist in the body positive movement. She is the founder of Body Positive Yoga and trains yoga teachers and movement educators to create accessible, equitable spaces for liberation and belonging.

Amber explains that it all comes down to self-worth – that positive self-validation, no matter your size, race, complexion, or what others think of you. This episode will guide you to see your strengths and weaknesses as part of your personal journey as well as learning how to truly embrace them. Stay tuned for today’s episode to learn how to start loving your body {even just a little!}.

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Here’s what to expect in Episode 36

  1. Ambers’ journey into self- acceptance, body positivity, and yoga 
  2. Making peace with your body to build lasting self-confidence
  3. How to overcome negative thoughts in order to build resilience and power into your life
  4. Divest from the thought motion of commodified standards of beauty

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