#035: Core Confidence & the Pelvic Floor with Dr. Sara Smith

Since the beginning of time, the pelvis has been a sacred part of our body. It is the seed of our safety and security, the familial history which carries DNA of generations prior.

Women, in general, are more familial and tribal. Research shows that when women gather together and we are under stress, we have a stress-release hormone that cascades and brings us back to the center. Research also shows that women are prone to a lack of self-worth and tend to look for external factors to receive validation. We do this because we have learned it over time, passed down by generations before us. But there is a way to break this cycle.

My guest Dr. Sara Smith shares her profound wisdom on how to access your Core Confidence through the pelvic floor and its intricately woven dome of not only bones and soft tissue, but the strong energy it carries.

Dr. Sara explains that years of generational conditioning, or sometimes chronic pain, has made us dissociate ourselves from the pelvic floor, yet this is a powerful part of the body where all the great wisdom lies…mind, body, and spirit.

With Core Confidence, we can develop a deep trust in the messages and direction in which we are going and this comes from the pelvis and influences the gut {yes, it’s that gut feeling…bingo!}. If we learn to tune into this area on a regular basis, we will leave a mark that will not only leave a legacy for generations to come but also do service for ourselves.

Join us today to learn how to tap into true stability, access your authentic voice, and empower your lives and relationships.

In this Episode

  • Dr. Sara’s journey into pelvic floor physical therapy and connecting with practical, energetic practices 
  • How to connect with the pelvic floor to access your core confidence

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