#028: Human Design with Hannah Coots

Human design is a system developed over 30 years ago that gives you a map that guides you in truly understanding yourself on multiple levels. It brings together principles of astrology, the chakra system, quantum physics, and more.

And my guest today, Hannah Coots, shares that it’s one of the best ways to unlearn and decondition from all of the programming we grow up with. It helped her transform from experiencing depression to navigating life with more ease.

Once we realize our gifts, our vulnerabilities and more, it’s a lot easier to flow with life than to always be up against it. So, tune in to today’s episode to learn how.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • An overview of human design and how it can help you
  • Hannah’s story of how she discovered human design
  • More about the different types, strategies and authorities
  • How to generate your own map and get started

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Wild blessings,
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