Trauma Needs to Be Acknowledged

I used to think that what I have been through wasn’t traumatic enough. And I encounter many other women who think the same. It was my own chronic pain and repeated patterns that forced me to wake up.

In fact, even though I knew deep down that I had been hurt and felt abandoned {that I just wanted to be loved}…I never accepted it and did what I always did…worked, worked, worked.

This is all I knew to do since a young age. Besides helping take care of the household and helping raise my sister while my parents worked, my first job was at 14 years old and I was so mature that the owners put me in charge for two weeks while they went away on vacation. I look at my niece now and can’t even fathom that for her. My parents reminded me yesterday it’s because I had to grow up fast.

Once I realized the patterns that were negatively affecting my life, I was drawn to try an Akashic Records session. It was in that session that I first realized all of the anger and sadness I carried from growing up with an alcoholic father, a mother who let everyone walk over her, and the fact that my sister was hit by a car and suffered a traumatic brain injury when I was 8 years old was blocking me from aligning with my heart’s deepest desires and success.

And until I acknowledged that trauma as a part of who I am, cleared the energy surrounding it and let it go, I would remain shackled with pain and negative patterns. This was just the beginning as, of course, I had to do the work and explore these emotions. And I still do the work as there are layers upon layers that have to be excavated. So, I regularly make my self-care a priority and have learned to slow down and listen.

And by diving deep through energetic practices, yoga, meditation, working with horses, and connecting to my body’s wisdom and my own feminine strength, I have learned how to release much of the sadness and anger. And I found that in doing the work of releasing stored emotions, I cultivated a greater understanding of my family and I am even closer to my father and mother in ways that I never was before.

I have begun to break the cycle of heartache that has repeated for generations of women before me.

And best of all, I am confident that my own journey of healing allows me to be the strong woman role model that my niece needs and has prepared me to be the mother that my daughter will truly need as she navigates this world.

And for all of that, I am grateful.

Wild blessings
Xo, -Alyssa

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