Welcoming the Dark and the Light

It’s the start of spring! This is a time of new beginnings and the perfect time to ensure that you are in balance and you’re aligning your life with what your heart desires so that the rest of the year can follow suit.

There is a huge duality with the beginning of spring, especially this one. With the spring equinox having occurred on the same night as a full moon {AND it was a supermoon!}, we are found dealing with both dark and light. For example, there is a great heaviness in my heart due to several unknowns and some recurring patterns in my life that have yet to be healed. However, at the same time my belly swells with new life and more and more women are joining my programs. And I am so grateful for these precious gifts.

So, how can we work with both light and darkness at the same time? The short answer. Give it up to the Universe, God, Divine, Spirit…whatever greater power than yourself that you believe in. I didn’t say this is the easy answer. But I’ll tell you what, being pregnant surely is a huge lesson in letting go of control. I am not in control of my body…at all. In fact, just when I think something is shifting and my nausea is better, I randomly throw up on the kitchen floor. My boyfriend still is dumbfounded how I didn’t make it to the sink {little does he know what it’s like to be pregnant}. And I’ve had to learn fast how to slow down, begin to make more space and shift my priorities. And you know…things can really wait until the next day or the next week and no crises occur.

Personally, when I pray, I say, “Dear Lord, Spirit Guides and Ancestors” because I needed to balance my belief in God, Catholic upbringing, my understanding of the interconnectedness of the Universe and all its creatures, and the knowing that I am also supported and guided by those that walked before me and watch from above. At first it was a bit odd to me, but now it’s second nature. And in practicing gratitude and asking for what I desire each evening, I have been showered with so many gifts that answered my prayers, including a child.

Some other ways are through ritual. On each full moon I practice writing down what I’d like to release from my life and then burn it or bury it in the earth. And this spring, you could add what you’d like to welcome in and keep that on your fridge or bathroom mirror to remind you. I also love going for hikes with my dog in the woods. Communing with nature is a sure way to find peace and balance in your life. The quiet of the woods helps me to drop into my heartspace. And the other day we were hiking at sunset and saw a great blue heron and a raccoon. This heron was blue!!! And I’ve never seen one before. It’s magestic, deep blue color was a stark contrast against the brown of the trees. And the raccoon just watched us and hung out for a while. When your eyes are open to the beauty of nature, some magical things can happen.

So, the spring is your chance to begin anew. What will you shift in your life? What do you want to welcome in?

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