Nature is Good Medicine

When we connect to nature, we connect more deeply to our truest Self.

Nature is good medicine.

We connect to the wild inside of our hearts…our innate, feminine wisdom. We are all filled with this longing for the wild; however we are too often pressured to be all things to all people and overburdened with a neverending list of to-dos.

But where are YOU on this list?

You can start re-connecting with nature today with simple actions. Put your feet in the grass. Go for a hike. Have a picnic at the park. I do these things at least once a week and try to put my feet in the grass when I let my dog out in the backyard, put my face towards the sun and say at least one thing in which I am grateful.

Find something that works in your schedule and see how reconnecting with nature can be so healing for you.

How are you connecting with nature?

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