Empathy and Connecting to Your Emotions

Empaths are highly intuitive and sensitive people. This can be quite an incredible gift, but it must be used wisely in order to protect our energy and our sanity.

I was reminded of how empathic I am after a phone call with my father. He was distraught because once again chaos reigned at their home and years of resentment and anger surfaced as well as a deep profound sadness for not having the life they imagined, thus, feeling trapped in the one they currently are living. I felt this sadness deeply when I hung up and had to go put my feet in the grass. I still feel it a little now as I write this.

While they have tried to accept things for what they are and open their hearts, those feelings that they’ve pushed deep down or avoided eventually make themselves known one way or another. This is why it’s so important to connect with and listen to our bodies and bring the shadow into light. Otherwise, you’ll come face-to-face with it when you least expect it and you may not be ready.

I ordered Thai takeout and sat with this sadness wishing I could do something to help them. As an empath, I often absorb someone else’s emotions or feel someone else’s physical pain. But I know this was not mine to work through and cannot save them. This is their journey. I can only be a compassionate listener without judgment, thus, embracing the gift of empathy.

That evening, I said a prayer to God, my spirit guides, and my well and loving ancestors of the highest truth and compassion to help my family find a way to survive this storm and change their circumstances for the better. And I practiced a short qigong practice to move the emotions and energy through before bed.

Movement through yoga and qigong is also a wonderful way to begin the connection to your body and the experiences of your life that it stores. However, my most favorite way is definitely yoga nidra meditation. It was through this practice that I sensed the connection between emotions stored in my body and where. Plus, it gives you a method to practice to learn to relax and connect deeply with your heart.

Check out Episode #5 of the Wild Wisdom Podcast and learn more about iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation from Stephanie Lopez. Also, this book is a great introduction and includes an audio CD.

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